Beats and instrumentals by #illbeatz got a $hit load of them on the cheap.

Happy birthday World Wide Web :)

On Maschine 2.0 and banging out beats all day…. For real

Music Production Tip:

Get 1 or more of your friends’ honest opinion about your music project before releasing it to the public.

Music Mixing Tip:

Try your mix on multiple monitors, e.g. ipod ear buds, laptop speakers, tablet & phone speakers, car stereo systems.

Music Recording Backup Tip:

Music Recording Backup Tip: Some free remote storage services are SkyDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox

Recording & Mixing Vocals Tip:

Keep main vox centered, record two more vox, lower the volume on both and pan 1 had left and 1 hard right.

“Music Recording Tip: Always perform regular routine back up’s of your sessions & projects.”

Mixing Vocals Tip

Mixing Vocals Tip: Add life to your vocal mix by adding a slight reverb. eg. add a noticeable amount of reverb and pull back 30% try it out.